Our Story

Hi Beautiful Soul!

Thank you for visiting my online store.  My name is Stephanie.  To the left are my favourite boys --- Anthony and Ethan.  We live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.  We love the greenery and mountain scenes, and the amazing diversity of this city.  We feel very blessed to call this place home.

Our story began when I was pregnant with Ethan.  Like most other first time mamas, I researched extensively for baby must-haves, and quickly felt overwhelmed by the long list of items and was shocked by how fast these items would be outgrown.  I didn't like the idea of having so much stuff filling our precious home space, and the environmental impact we would have on Mother Earth.  And I wondered, "Is there a better way?"

Whenever I feel lost, I look to nature for guidance.  I noticed that other animals don't need much when they raise babies.  We humans are from nature too.  Why should we be so different?  And so, I found my answer, "Keep it super simple."

To be continued...